As a child living in Harvey Station, our dogs and horses provided me inspiration for photography, a passion that has followed me throughout the years, sometimes more so than others.  Between 1972 and 1980 I lived in Montreal where I worked for the National Hockey League as their Statistical Researcher. While there I improved my 'eye' for 'the 'perfect' shot as a member of the Montreal Camera Club.   
Much of my photography can be seen and or purchased at a variety of businesses in downtown Fredericton and outlying areas in the form of souvenirs (ie Post Cards) under the umbrella of Fredericton Keepsakes. Larger pieces of artwork, better described as fine art photography, appears in several art auctions and or galleries, mainly in Fredericton.
In 1994 my photography goals changed when I adopted my 'soul dog', Clancy, a Rottweiler.  Obedience Trials and Dog Shows (conformation) then provided me with the opportunity to capture photos of over 70 specific dog breeds - a collection I still have today.
As a result of Polio I have been unable to handle heavy and/or complicated photography equipment, so today’s high-end digital 'point and shoot' camera has been my tool.   Also exchanging crutches for an electric scooter has provided me with a lot more mobility independence, so downtown Fredericton has become my main focus. “An intimate city with a cosmopolitan flair,” Fredericton has many heritage buildings and over 90km of walking trails along both sides of the St. John River.  With my camera tucked in the basket of my scooter, I try not to miss an opportunity to capture the essence of Fredericton, followed by sessions with photo enhancement softwares.
Besides dogs and Fredericton, draft horses have become a popular subject for Carol's photos and can be viewed on my Facebook page "Horses by CARandall."
More of my photgraphy can soon be viewed on SmugMug.  Most of my artwork can be purchased privately and sized to one's specific reuirements.  Several of my photographs have also been requested for websites and magazines such as: 
New Brunswick Tourism (Top 10 Hiking/Cycling Trails),
City of Fredericton (Tourism and Recreation),
Fredericton Trail Guide,
Public Health Agency of Canada
Meals on Wheels,  
Atlantic Horse & Pony Magazine,

I believe you can have the best equipment money can buy, but if you don't have an 'eye' for photography, then your chances of having a 'winner' are limited.