Carol Randall
Fredericton, New Brunswick.
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Carol's Favourite Communities
(Fredericton North)
Devon (Facebook)
Barker's Point (Facebook)
Marysville (Facebook)
Nashwaaksis (Facebook)
Fredericton North Heritage Association
Carol Randall
"Combine your interests with your abilities."
Working for sport organizations including the NHL, compiling the history of her community, or photographing the beauty of Fredericton, NB, Carol has managed to combine her interests with her abilities in spite of  living with Polio  [1952]  More ...
“Not only my companion and assistance dog, but Clancy was my ‘soul dog.”  This mutual beneficial and dynamic relationship between a Rottweiler and a Polio survivor is celebrated in the Clancy Awards.  More ...
"Mother nature provides the canvas. I help to make it a piece of art." Visit
Fine Art America where you are able to purchase a variety of items (framed prints, tote bags, etc.) of my artwork featuring NB scenes or the personality of a dog or Draft Horse.
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A request for new postcards in Fredericton's tourists kiosk was all that was needed to prompt Carol to convert her photography into souvenirs for visitors to New Brunswick's Capital City and the creation of her cottage business.
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Sports, statistics, history, genealogy were key factors for Carol writing several books: "Devon Remembered" dating from late 1800s to 1945,      4 volumes & over 1.300 pages  and
"Spares & Strikes"Candlepin Bowling in New Brunswick" (1996)
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Fredericton’s over 90 km of multi-use walking trails are a photographer’s delight, so says Carol, a board member of the Fredericton Trails Coalition.  They are also Carol’s highways to independence
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Looking for Grandpa ??
Carol's Beginner's Guide on How to Research Your Family Tree for Free and from Home
(Ancestors of New Brunswick)