An author I am called because I wrote several books, however I do not consider myself an author in the accepted sense of the word.  A Researcher is what I prefer to be called – a compiler of statistics and historical facts, who prefers to present them in book form.
In 2004 my father and I combined his interest in our family genealogies and my desktop publishing skills into a 90-page book we titled Guidelines to My Ancestors [Randalls – Rings – Roberts – Grays].
At the request of Mary Hayes, daughter of Leo Hayes (namesake of Leo Hayes high School in Fredericton North), the compilation of the History of Devon (1691-1945)  began in 2004.  Bob McNeil joined me on the project two years later and by 2011 we had produced 4 volumes of Devon Remembered. This entailed photographing all the houses that were built in Devon prior to 1945 and researching two generations of vital statistics for the families that occupied those houses. What a great way to get to know the neighborhood.
My first official venture as an Author was the book Spares and Strikes, Candlepin Bowling in New Brunswick. self-published in 1996.  This book presents the stories and extensive records of teams and bowlers in New Brunswick, Nova Scotia and Maine from the late 1800s to the mid-1990s.  Presented in chronological order  this 266-page book with 6 pages of photographs details the evolution of Bowling and the history of alleys in New Brunswick.  Please click on the Cover photo to see a name of those Tournaments as well as the Challenge Cups. A few copies are left in print – please contact me if interested.